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BBM for Android

Download BBM for Android and enjoy messaging application more secure. The best messaging application for Android developed by Blackberry.

BBM for Android finally comes to the market for devices equipped with the operating system Google Android. BlackBerry Messenger for Android is the evolution of the application of RIM developed for its Blackberry devices. Now you can download BBM for Android on your Smartphone, regardless of the brand of your phone, if it is Android-driven will have access to the most secure on the market, the expected messaging application BBM for Android.

The announced arrival of BBM for Android, download available from Google Play, is complicated owing to the emergence of apk excess filtered were not the original application. This fact coupled with the surprising number of users decided to download BBM for Android, caused problems on servers, and finally the output of the application is stay.

BBM for iPhone available for iOS in the Apple App Store was the victim of the same problems as its sister Blackberry Messenger for Android.
After these events the application was published for download from site oficial and the app stores.

We know the reasons to download BBM for Android

BBM for Android can boast of a feature that other applications do not have, at least at the same level. Security is the most prominent feature of Blackberry Messenger. Of these features we can highlight:

• sending text messages and data security
• the user ID that prevents the receipt of spam
• stability and reliability of the application

And as major flaws we see that:

• not available version for Windows Phone
• not available for desktop version
• and comes with less features than some apps messaging

The decision is the end user, but we are sure that the former owners of Blackberry devices will not hesitate to download the version of the app for Android.