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Line for PC

Line for PC the app of instant messaging and chat with more plugins of the sector. Send free messages with Line for PC.

Line for PC available for computer chat application. Let's see some of the features of Line for PC and Line for Android and other platforms.

Line for PC offers the advantage that enables free voice calls as main feature. PC line will provide us with a quality depending on the speed of internet connection you have on your computer or Smartphone.

Line for PC allows us the same way as its version for iPhone or Android Smartphone unlimited sending free text messages. With the ability to send free text messages instantly using the SMS is no longer necessary for many users of this kind of apps.

Applications designed for Line for PC

Line for PC also has complementary applications that make it more fun to use. Another feature is that it allows to send emoticons to enrich our discussions with friends and family through this chat application. In the same way as text messages, it is also possible to send images, videos, and pictures unlimited.

Line for PC and its developers bet strong on what they call wall stickers and emoticons that have the function of making more fun conversations. This application to designed so that its use is simple and intuitive, as well as nice to the users tab.

And remember Line for PC is also available for Android, iPhone, Nokia and BlackBerry in a totally free way.