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Download WeChat for iPad And enjoy the version of WeChat for IOS in your tablet.

Months ago we saw exploit the controversy of the launch and sale of the iPad in China. Apple saw as a company demanded to commercialize your tablet with a name with which a manufacturer sold computer equipment. This demand slowed in part the expansion of Apple in China, despite having the authorization of the Chinese government to sell their products in this country. But finally is able to reach an agreement and the iPad already have free reign to conquer China.

WeChat for iPad

Million of Chinese users expected to learn the tablet of Apple to download and install WeChat for iPad, the second option after the ability to download WeChat for PC on their computers.

Finally the company that filed the suit against Apple has reached an agreement with the mark of the apple. There is talk of a compensation that can help improve the accounts of the company which is adversely affected by the marketing of the iPad. Compensation that, on the other hand, represents a very small amount for Apple and to solve the last problem to sell its new tablet in a market so complicated and difficult to conquer, as is the Chinese market.

Apple thus initiates a great expansion in the sale of their products in China. All this to accompany the launch of the iPhone 5c. Terminal that was expected in China with a more competitive price. The model of iPhone, the iPhone 5c, which was thrown with the intention of having a Smartphone more economic. At the moment has not been able to have the success that was expected. The Chinese user hoped to be able to buy an iPhone, with a price closer to the Smartphone or Xiaomi Huawei, which sold in the Chinese market.