wechat for pc

Features WeChat

"WeChat for PC features: the application of chat and instant messaging with more functions available"

Wechat can claim to offer more functions than other instant messaging applications to all your users. The giant telecommunications Chinese (Tencent Holdings) group has developed its chat application with the intention of placing it in a few years as the benchmark in messaging applications and dethrone the popular app's chat WhatsApp, which is today its maximum rival.

Multiple functions has Wechat

The functions that WeChat puts at the service of users include the following.

One of the most curious features is the Live Chat, which allows us to make conversations in a chat with several contacts at the same time. You can invite your friends to participate in the Live Chat and talk with all of them at the same time. An indicator informs us if another user is talking about at that time, a green light indicates that we can press the chat button to talk about us and if red indicator this will have to wait for it to finish talking about our contact, prevents that several contacts simultaneously speak and we can understand all conversations.

WeChat for PC features

Another feature of WeChat is the possibility of inviting our friends to participate in a chat using QR codes. To open a chat group we will have the option using the icon top right of the QR code for this chat. This code we can save, e-mail or share it with other contacts. Through WeChat you can scan the QR code and thanks to the we can take part in automatically from a chat group.

Another interesting function is the possibility that gives us WeChat to make backup copies of our conversations, to later restore them. It must be borne in mind that WeChat only stores the last 7 days of conversation and for this reason it is very useful to be able to make copies of our chats and conversations.

The most curious and fun of WeChat function is the possibility to find new contacts with just the function and shake our Smartphone. If we are in an environment where there are many people can be fun and easy to find new people who want to contact other users of WeChat. With this function if we shake the Smartphone you can contact other users who are performing the same operation.

These are some of the functions of WeChat, the new app's messaging which already has millions of users around the world.