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Free Calls

"Free Calls: WeChat is the best instant messaging applications that let you make free calls and send images, photos, videos and instant text messages"

Coming soon on the website Wechat for PC.

Video Calls

"Video calls a function more and more requested by the users of instant messaging applications"

Video calls available through various applications of chat, WeChat among them. From here we will talk about applications, instant messaging and chat offering video calls.

The video calls have been long ago. When we talk about video calls we almost always imagine make video calls from your computer. Be in front of the computer with a webcam and a microphone is which until now understood for video calls. The fact that the mobile phone operators have not developed a quality service at an affordable cost has meant that this promise has been delayed in time.

video calls

Now we are faced with a phenomenon that can revolutionize the concept that we had above the video calls. This phenomenon is none other than the emergence on the market of the Smartphone applications, instant messaging and the war that are originating in the telecommunications sector. Now with terminals that increasingly look more like a computer, personal and affordable data rate plans you can mark a before and an after in the field of the video calls.