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"Text messages free via chat applications. Send free text messages from your computer now is possible with WeChat for PC"

Free text and chat apps

Send free text messages is a function, that any user who has a Smartphone with a data plan, performs daily. Chat applications have revolutionized in concept of sending text messages.

Due to the different applications that makes months have become popular, most of the people daily sends dozens of free text messages from your Smartphone.

WhatsApp, Line, Viber, Tangoy now WeChat among others are the best-known instant messaging apps.

Texting is a phenomenon that has changed the way of communicating the everyday users most famous Smartphone. The life of many people has changed and how to communicate with your friends and family. It seems to be constantly in touch as a fever.

send free messages with WeChat for PC

Send free messages with WeChat for PC

WeChat is an application to send free text messages which has been developed in China and each day is best known in the United States, South America and Europe.

Free text messages have dethroned the SMS and the operators found in data plans the way to increase revenues, despite a decline suffered with the descent of number of SMS that are sent today.

Wait no longer install WeChat on your Smartphone or PC and send free text messages to your friends and family.