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WeChat e-commerce platform

WeChat uses your social network as a platform e-commerce. WeChat for Smartphone and WeChat for PC now dominates with an iron hand the Asian market. WeChat holds a great potential as a channel of communication in China. For this reason, this fantastic application starts to be used as channel e-commerce, with great success.

WeChat e-commerce platform for Xiaomi

WeChat becomes an e-commerce platform

Companies as Xiaomi uses the application WeChat as a channel for the sale of its products. Xiaomi manages to sell 150.000 Smartphone in only 10 minutes through WeChat. The sale of Smartphone is a very hard-fought sector and WeChat makes use of almost 300 million users to use its application for the e-commerce.

Xiaomi uses the application WeChat as a channel for the sale

No one can deny that the has radically changed the way we communicate with each other. Messaging applications are used daily to share and communicate with our colleagues, friends or family. WeChat and its e-commerce platform can mark a before and an after sales channels. The large number of registered users are potential customers when it comes to promoting any article, for users WeChat for computer or Smartphone.