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Since the advent of the iPhone the concept of intelligent mobile phone has been imposed in the market. Today it is difficult to find a phone that doesn't have a processor and a touchscreen. Smartphones are so popular that from several years ago one of the most anticipated events of the year is the Mobile World Congress, where this year 2014 is possible for us to see the presentation of the most awaited Smartphone, the Samsung S5 Galaxy.

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Smartphones Android: these devices with the Android operating system are those that have more presence in the market. With its unique Apple iPhone appears to have stalled a bit. Have increased the sales of iPhone but its market share is well below the Galaxy with Samsung Android system. These two major brands to add the presence of other competitors such as Blackberry with little success so far with your Blackberry 10, Windows Phone that competes for a small market share, Nokia with terminals with Windows Phone or Android system or new Smartphone Jolla with the operating system open source Salilfish.

To these changes we need to add the last movement of Microsoft, with the purchase of Nokia to have their own development of hardware and to be able to define the patterns of the design of a Smartphone.